I have had my son enrolled in New England Fencing Alliance for over 3 years. My son started quite young and Coach Michael is a master at balancing both learning the sport of fencing and fun. I can honestly say that this program builds fencing skills, personal growth and character building. I once again have signed up for another several sessions as this has now become a passion for my son and I am amazed at his growth in fencing and as a young man. I very highly recommend this program!
My son has been fencing with NEFA for three years and we are very pleased.
I am very happy that the main focus is on learning the sport and having fun and not on just winning.. The group is very supportive without instilling the high-pressure mentality seen in many other fencing groups. This has been a positive experience in just about every respect. My son has learned much about perseverance, comradery, respect for his peers, coaches and equipment, and of course fencing.
It also doesn’t hurt that it is substantially underpriced compared to other fencing groups in the area.