Competitive Program

Membership in the Competitive Program is by invitation only.

Competitive Group

2016 – 2017 NEFA Competitive Group

◆ Continuous enrollment from September through June.
◆ A first time member may be invited to join at any point during the year.
◆ Consistent enrollment on Wednesday classes are mandatory, plus one additional day.
◆ Discounted rate of two days/week for unlimited attendance throughout the week.
◆ A break in enrollment will result in removal from the Competitive Program.
◆ Reinstatement to the Competitive Program is at the discretion of Coach Michael. However, Tier 1 option will no longer be made available.

◆ A first time member may be invited to join at any point during the year.
◆ Enrollment is on a session basis.
◆ Enrollment in a minimum of two classes per session is required.
◆ Registration for Wednesday class is recommended.
◆ Fencers must attend classes on their chosen day(s).
◆ Full session fee required for each day of enrollment.
◆ A first season member may upgrade to the Tier 1 level at any time during the year.
◆ All other members may upgrade to the Tier 1 level beginning in September only.

◆ Minimum age nine years old.
◆ Fencing Equipment: Competitive group members will need a complete competitive uniform. Also, one will need a minimum of two working electric foils, two body cords, and two mask cords.
◆ Parents and fencers need to realize the commitment to fencing needs to be the same as a commitment to an orchestra, theater group or sports team.
◆ Compete on a regular basis.
◆ USA Fencing Competitive Membership required.

Competitive Program meets on Tuesday at the McCarthy Senior Center in Wakefield and on Wednesday at the Winchester Recreation Department.